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Be Brilliant. Go Green.

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Experienced and Reliable

We know industrial minerals. We design them, synthesize them, make them, and sell them to customers who trust our products on six continents. Be it abrasives for your surface coating projects or fast curing cements for your civil and environmental works, we've got you covered with fast delivery and reliable service.  

Quality Products

Our materials are specially designed for your performance needs. Our abrasives are 4 times stronger than garnets found on the market, while our cements cure in a fraction of the time for your high-speed construction projects.

Be Brilliant. Go Green

Because we make use of industrial by-products to synthesize high performance industrial minerals, realize that every time you choose our product you are conserving a natural beach, saving a mountain, conserving a river bed, and maintaining a forest. Join us in our mantra: Be Brilliant. Go Green. 

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