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DURAMAX by Ecomaterials TM

The performance of garnet, at a fraction of the price.  

Our Duramax abrasive is a synthetic garnet made via our patented technology. It is three times stronger than natural garnet so that your compressor's power is put to full use. Save your money with this high re-use abrasive (3+ times). With low dust generation, and no free-silica you can rest assured that this tough abrasive is the right abrasive for your project. Feel even better knowing that  Duramax is an eco-friendly material certified by environmental agencies; no beach, mountain or valley was harmed in its production. Be Brilliant. Go Green.

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High Alumina Cement

Our high alumina cement will accelerate your project and make you go FAST! Get 35 MPa of compressive strength in 3 hours while achieving 70 MPa in 28 days. Buy-it knowing that no quarry was created in its production. Be Brilliant. Go Green.

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Calcium Aluminate Composite

Our calcium aluminate composite (CAC) allows you to formulate your own cements and environmental remediation solutions. It's high content of C12A7 allows rapid hydration and gives high strength. Formulate your own shotcretes, grouts and rapid setting cements knowing that your saving an Ecosystem for tomorrow. Be Brilliant. Go Green.

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Duramax Abrasive in action

Our customer using Duramax to surface prep steel plates that will be assembled to form new oil storage tanks.